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Welcome to Treat Jaundice

At Treat Jaundice, we are committed to Ayurvedic excellence. Our Ayurvedic medicines safely and effectively treat the following diseases:
  • Jaundice
  • Hepatitis
Ayureveda is translated as the 'science of life' is an ancient form of healing and well being which dates back 5000 years. Ayurveda is natiral healing method seeks not only to cure disease but also to regenerate the body by increasing immunity which is effective in decreasingg stress and promoting a positive and relaxed mental attitude.

What is Human Liver?

Liver is the powerhouse of body. It is the main organ of metabolism i.e. it involves, series of breaking down and making up of chemical reactive and generation of energy. If one were to compare our body to a train, then liver would be its engine.

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Jaundice can occur in babies, children, and adults. Jaundice is not an illness in itself, but a medical condition in which too much bilirubin ...


The Hepatitis A virus can spread through the ingestion of contaminated food or water, especially where unsanitary conditions allow ...


Hepatitis B is a virus that infects the liver. It is a major global health problem and the most serious type of viral hepatitis. It can ...


Hepatitis C is a virus, or infection, that causes liver disease and inflammation of the liver. It can range in severity from a mild ...


Delta agent is a type of virus called hepatitis D. It causes symptoms only in people who also have a hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis D ...